The Great Cupcake Hunt

June 9, 2011

As some you may know, I have a love of all things cupcake. I love to bake them, eat them, look at them and marvel at their presence.  
10+ weeks this summer in the great city of Chicago has given me ample time to fully seek out and experience the new trend (or old, I'm a lil behind on trendy things) of cupcake boutiques. I devised this plan after spending what seemed like hours on Yelp and Google researching these places last summer. Sadly I only visited two of the tens of places in our great city. With the help of CTA (els and buses) and my eagerness, I'll venture out to as many as I can.

Let's see where the best cupcake resides....

But first, I'll first review a cupcake place I visited while I was in Georgetown last March. Drumroll please...GEORGETOWN CUPCAKE. On my first day there, I saw heaps of people carrying Georgetown Cupcake bags. This is the cupcake shop featured on the show DC Cupcakes on TLC. I'm always skeptical of really hip, famous places. However, I took the plunge and stood in line to see what all the hype was really all about.
located at: 3301 M Street NW, Georgetown, Washington, DC
It was a lil cold for me, after being in 80 degree weather in Miami most of the cold winter months. Layered in my scarf and several sweaters (for 50 degree weather, of course) I stood in the line that wrapped around the corner of the store. I thought, "OMG, this is gonna take forever..." Forever only ended up being 20 minutes! And on my way in, I got to stand near the owners: the stars of the TLC show. (I freaked out a lil bit cause I've really only seen minor celebs ie. Frankie Muniz, the guy from Burn Notice and they really got me starstruck so obv that reality tv stars would too).

The line ended up moving so quickly because the store itself is small.  Only about ten people can stand inside in the line so it's only inevitable for the line to look endless outside of the store.  

Upon entering, I was welcomed with a lovely display of their cupcakes, tiers upon tiers of them.  It felt like cupcake heaven!  Showcased are the myriads of flavors available.  16 are available everyday and 5 specials are offered each day.  All can be found on the menu.  
Long story short, the cupcake was AMAZING. I ordered a Chocolate Coconut.  The frosting was a cream cheese frosting topped with untoasted coconut.  It wasn't too sweet or too dry. The cake itself was moist and delicious. It almost fell apart after biting into it since it was so moist (but not in an underdone kind of way).  At $2.75, it seemed to be a reasonable price and quite a tasty snack.

Needless to say, this is by far one of the best cupcakes I've ever had. And I'm hard to please. All I ask for is a moist, not too sweet, tasty, perfectly crafted cupcake. Is that too much to ask for????

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  1. Hi it's Jason :) I live near this place, so if you're ever in the area again, let me know and I'll go with you!! :)