The Cupcake Hunt

As a lover of cupcakes,  I decided to embark on a Cupcake Hunt in 2011 when I had the summer to explore Chicago and its many cupcake bakeries. I went to as many cupcake bakeries as I could hunt down that summer and recorded my adventures here on the blog. Now I find myself hunting down cupcakes wherever I go.

Complete Reviews for these cities: 
Houston, Part II

My reviews are based on:
   a) A good balance of frosting and cake
   b) Not too sweet overall
   c) A perfectly moist cake
d) Passing the wrapper squish test (predicts moistness of the cake)
e). A great cupcake means gobbling up the entire cake

*****My most favorite cupcake ever is the Pancakes n' Bacon cupcake from The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. in Seattle. Make a trip out there so you can savor its amazingness.*****

Don't miss out and read about the 5-star cupcakes I've discovered.