The Tasty Cold Remedy

September 29, 2011

I'm prone to getting colds.  Since I haven't been sleeping well and I traveled last week, I was a good candidate for a stuffy nose/sore throat.  

Tuesday hit and I woke up with a stuffy head.  I could barely hear, which isn't ideal for any musician.  I was ready to remedy the situation by just popping lots of Vitamin C but then I was told by a friend to make some homemade ginger and lemon tea.  
I love love love ginger...especially the lil pink ginger slices that come with sushi.  Extra bonus: it will help me get rid of my stuffed up head.  

How to make tea:  
1. Peel ginger and slice in to thin, long slices.  (I used three in my small saucepan).  
2. Slice a few pieces of lemon.  
3. Boil all in water.  
4. Add honey.  
5. Enjoy yumminess.  
I was lucky and had all three ingredients in my kitchen so it was easy to make and easy to enjoy.  
MIRACLE: I woke up the next day sans stuffy head and with no hint of a stuffy nose/throat.  

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  1. Or you can relive the pleasure of having watched Alison use her netti-pot every day!
    Oh memories...