OMG, a Korean Taco Food Truck!

October 9, 2011

Oh My...Gogi?  Yep, that's right.  There's a Korean Taco Truck in Houston that feeds the drunkies in Rice Village called Oh My Gogi.  Twin Sista's talked about the truck before but we had an unplanned encounter with the truck a few nights ago while having a night out.  
Derek + me, super excited about the Korean Food Truck
The original plan was to eat a lil snack at a nearby cafe before heading over to Little Woodrow's for some beer.  However, the cafe was closed and Twin Sista or Erin (I can't remember who) had the genius idea of getting a late night snack at Oh My Gogi!

The truck offers a tasty menu of Korean/Mexican flavors.  The main items are: 
located at: 5555 Morningside Drive, Rice Village, Houston
  • Tacos with either pork or beef or chicken.  
  • Kimchi Fries topped with 3 cheeses, cilantro, sriracha
  • Kimichi Quesadilla
  • *Just Added (I found out via fb)*Korean Bulgogi Rib eye Burger with cheese, egg
I was a lucky girl and got to try a lil bit of each of the items (minus the new burger).
mmm Kimchi Fries
This was my second encounter with Kimchi Fries and I'd hafta say both are amazing but different.  Oh My Gogi's fries were spicier and the meat topping added a nice extra goodness to my favorite snackie ever: fries.  
The Pork Tacos were spicy and delicious.  
The Kimchi Quesadilla was a surprising yummy treat.  Korean food and dairy usually don't mix but after eating this quesadilla and the fries, I'm wondering if maybe the two are a match made in heaven.  It was tangy and spicy and cheesy and wonderful.  Maybe I'm the perfect target audience for this food cause I heart tortillas and Korean food. 

Oh My Gogi is parked every Wed-Sat night from 9:30-2:30am in Rice Village.  I'm sure I'll be stalking this food truck pretty often because with awesome food and super friendly service, this truck is my new love.  (And it's also close to some drinky drinks).  

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