...And Finally, a Red Velvet Cupcake

December 2, 2011

It hasn't been as easy to hunt down cupcakes in Houston as it was in Chicago. I could just hop on an el or the bus and quickly get to a handful of bakeries. Houston's so spread out and driving a half hour for a cupcake seems kind of...crazy. Somehow it seemed less psycho to take a half hour bus ride for a cupcake. Maybe because I didn't have to do the driving...

I've had two cupcakes in Houston since moving here three months ago. After Yelping, I have a few more places to visit and a couple of trucks as well but none of them seem super convenient to me. Driving, I guess, has made me lazy. Don't love it and wish I could just be chauffeured everywhere. Omg, that would be the life. So, I won't drive unless I really need to. Hence, the laziness.  

I was surprised the other day to find an ad on Facebook for a cupcake bakery out in Friendswood, Texas. I go there every Wednesday to teach some kiddies and found out the bakery wasn't too far from the school. Ah, a convenient bakery at last! 
located at: 907 S. Friendswood Dr, Friendswood,Tx
Rise Cupcakes opened just a few months ago in September by a pair of best friends. This bakery is super cute and has witty names for their cupcakes. My favorite name would have to be the Heidi and the Seal-a vanilla cupcake topped with chocolate frosting. Each cupcake is priced at $3.25.  

I took the recommendation of the bakery and ordered (gasp!) my first red velvet cupcake, aka Ole Faithful at Rise. Before eating the cupcake, I did the wrapper squish test. This is a recent development but it helps me gauge before I eat the cupcake if it'll be moist. This cupcake passed the test and when I bit into it, I stood corrected: a moist cake! The frosting was on the light side and although it was described as a buttercream, I thought I tasted a hint of cream cheese. I've decided that I don't really like light (as in texture) frostings. The thicker the better! The cupcake did pass the I-ate-the-whole-cupcake-test. All in all, it was a pretty good cupcake.    

On a side note: I had a lil dinner date with gay bf tonight and it was amazing. We had both just finished teaching lil kiddies out in Sugar Land and decided to reward ourselves with a sushi dinner at Japaneiro's, which is also in Sugar Land. Gay bf ordered a sampler sushi platter for us called the Nirvana. It was an enormous amount of food but it was OH-SO-GOOD! 

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