The Accidental Cupcake

December 7, 2011

I know I've been complaining about how cupcakes in Houston haven't been very convenient for me. Houston surprised me yesterday when I had an afternoon break to do some Christmas shopping in City Centre. I was directionally challenged at that outdoor mall, desperately trying to find Chipotle in very cold weather (it was in the 40s with a 30 degree wind chill. Yes, normal for Northern cities but a few days ago it was in the 70s). Then I stumbled upon a sign that said very boldly, Cupcakes & Macarons. I did a double-take and groaned. Yes, I groaned. The groan meant I would have to eat the cupcake, even if I wasn't in a cupcaking mood. 
located at: 801 Town and Country Blvd, City Centre, Houston
The bakery that houses cupcakes in City Centre is Sweet. It started as a catering company and then expanded into a cute, eco-friendly bakery. They try to bake with local produce and even use dye-free cupcake liners. They had different flavors that I haven't seen yet such as Apple Cinnamon, S'mores and Pistachio. I love pistachio macarons so I decided to try out the Pistachio cupcake. 
This cupcake is more like a really good coffee cake with frosting. It had an overwhelming almond extract flavor and it didn't seem sweet enough to be a cupcake. I ate this cupcake over a two day span. The first day the texture was moist but almost too dense and tasted somewhat under-done, kind of like the Celebrity Cupcake I had a few weeks ago. On day two, the texture was moist and I had no complaints about it being a weird kind of moist cake. It ended up passing the I-ate-the-whole-cupcake test. 

In all honesty, I think I picked a bad flavor. Pistachio isn't a familiar cupcake flavor so I'd be willing to give this bakery another chance and try another cupcake. Each cupcake is $3.

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