Happy Cupcake Day!

December 16, 2011

I only found out this morning that today was National Cupcake Day! (As I type this, it just became midnight so it was really yesterday). I didn't have time to prepare for this day like I did for National Bundt Day but as fate would have it, I already had plans to bake some cupcakes for Twin Sista's dinner party. 

I wanted to make a festive cupcake for the holidays. I was trying to decide between Candy Cane, Gingerbread, or Eggnog. I finally chose gingerbread after Twin Sista forwarded me a recipe that told me today was Cupcake Day!  

I was on the search for some molasses today for the cupcakes but Super Target was sans molasses. I was too lazy to drive around town looking for molasses so I bought some eggnog and made the executive decision to bake some Eggnog Cupcakes, even though I had some reservations about that flavor. I had a pitting feeling in my stomach that it could be a disaster...
The recipe I found from Baking Bites was a vegan cupcake recipe that called for Soy Eggnog. I don't think I've ever baked anything vegan. Baking without eggs and/or butter seems a lil crazy to me. But I said to myself, "Oh, what the heck! Let's see what happens..." and made these cupcakes. 
hey there, cupcake
How'd they turn out? Well...I don't know what it is with this strange moistness that isn't good moistness that I've been encountering lately but now I've baked it. Tsk. I did finally realize the word I've been searching for to describe it: GUMMY. Yes, these cupcakes are gummy with some pretty boozy frosting (it called for 2 tbs of rum). 

I'm hoping that if I let them sit overnight, they'll miraculously get better in time for the dinner party in the evening. I baked these a night in advance since I did have some reservations. Otherwise, I'll hunt down molasses and bake some new gingerbread cupcakes. *fingers crossed* no gummy cupcakes!  

On a side note: the Soy Eggnog isn't too bad. I haven't had eggnog in years and always thought it was a bit too creamy and rich but Soy Eggnog is light and spicy and kind of delicious. Mom Chung always made us water down eggnog with milk when we were young lil Chungs. I guess I got used to light tasting eggnog. 

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