Home for the Holidays, Part II

December 31, 2011

If a trip home to Chicago includes pizza, hot dogs and lots of Korean food, then it's a successful visit. My week long Christmas vacay was a success! 

Instead of going to my favorite, Portillo's, for hot dogs, I dragged my sistas to a local Buffalo Grove hotspot, Wiener Take All. For the 20+ years my parents have lived in the BG, we've never actually eaten at Wiener Take All. I was once invited to a birthday party there when I was 6, but couldn't attend the party. And Big Sista had a bf that would call it Nasty Dogs. Then for some strange reason this year, I decided before Wiener Take All closed or my parents moved away, I would eat there. Mission: Accomplished. 
located at: 1117 Weiland Road, Buffalo Grove, IL
Sistas and I went there for a lil afternoon snacky: a char dog and a side of onion rings. Both were tasty, especially the char dog. I'm gonna say it, "Wiener's a Winner!" (You can all groan now). 
Other winners on this trip: Giordano's pizza, Dad's Spicy Korean Noodles (Bibim Kook Soo) as a midnight snack, bowling, reunions w/old friends and CHRISTMAS. 
The Biggest Loser: the weather. Where was the snow?!? No White Christmas this year. 
The Perfect Send-Off: Tortas Fronteras from Rick Bayless and Garrett's Popcorn in O'Hare Airport to make a 2+ hour delay a lil more bearable. Two gems from Chicago in the airport. Perfect. 

On a side note: My family knows me too well. Cupcake themed Christmas Presents! Looking forward to baking some Martha Stewart Cupcakes in 2012!

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