I Heart Food Trucks

May 2, 2012

My food truck obsession continues. I was super bummed that I didn't realize there was a food truck park weekdays in Sarasota until my last week there. Sad to say, I never made it out there. 

Last week, with Karla still in town, I initially had plans to go get some pho with her for Pho Fridays. Then Twin Sista suggested we meet up to try one of the best burgers in Houston. Well, I wasn't going to pass that up! The maker of these top burgers: Bernie's Burger Bus. 
located at (for me): Inversion Coffee House. 1953 Montrose Blvd, Houston, Texas
for locations: track the bus here
The burger bus is actually a real school bus. Items on the menu are titled with school themed names like Detention and Recess. The secret to their amazing burgers? Organic grass-fed beef, homemade condiments and fresh locally made buns.

I decided on sliders since I could eat one and save the other for later, if needed. Kindergartners are two mini signature burgers topped with bleu cheese, bacon and tipsy onions. One bite into the burger, I tasted the juicy, tender meat and all the flavorful toppings. That's one great burger. 
Twin Sista and her bf got two burgers: the grown-up (full size) version of mine and customer favorite, Substitute, and Homeroom- a burger with bacon, cheddar, tipsy onions, chipotle aioli, and a fried egg. (These burgers are def not for those trying to stay super healthy and slim). Our favorite in addition to the burgers was their homemade ketchup. A lil tangier and spicier than your familiar Heinz, but a great complement to their hand-cut fries. We all left with fuller and happier bellies. 

Happy Day. I finally caught the Houston cupcake truck! For months I've been following them via facebook only to find myself not wanting to trek downtown on a weekday and pay for parking. However, today I found myself downtown already and with time to spare, so I took a walk to the cupcake truck.
located at (for me): Smith/Lamar, Downtown, Houston, Texas
MMM Cupcake usually brings their sugary treats to the businessmen of downtown Houston. They frequent the same downtown spots daily with some others thrown in there. Cupcakes are $2.50 each and several flavors are available each day. Today I was really eyeing the Cookies & Cream but then asked for their suggestion and settled on the Blueberry cupcake.

The blueberry cupcake looked like it was taken out of a cooler inside the truck. This made me worry a lil bit since refrigeration + cupcakes = a cold mess. Lucky for me, the cupcake wasn't the slightest bit chilled. It was moist and delicious. I was expecting a dense muffin-like cupcake since blueberry is usually a muffin flavor, but it was light and sweet, just like a cupcake should be. And it was topped with a very flavorful cream cheese frosting. My only negative: the frosting was too light but it tasted great. Hopefully I can spot this truck around Houston again! 

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