New Camera! + My Favorite Scones

June 3, 2012

My new fancy schmancy camera has finally arrived! It's all I could have hoped and dreamed. Say hello to my new Panasonic Lumix GF-3 Camera.
How did I decide on this particular camera? Well, I was looking for a portable, smallish dslr-like camera (something better than your average point-and-shoot). After talking to some friends and with the extra push from this kitchn article, I bit the bullet and made the purchase. Here's to a future of prettier pictures!

Today I took the opportunity of some extra buttermilk in my fridge to make my all-time favorite scones. Normally I'll just use non-fat plain yogurt instead of buttermilk since I don't like to commit to a whole bottle and then use only a small fraction of it. Either works fine. These scones always are amazing. 
Bacon and Cheese and Green Onions. Combined into a scone, they create a visually colorful and salty, cheesy, tasty treat. Make a whole batch, freeze the unbaked scones and then you'll always have some on hand anytime. 
I've tried several recipes but always come back this trusty recipe. Try them out and thank me later. 

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