Butternut Love

November 15, 2012

As we are in the 11th month of the year, I decided to take a look back on the New Year's Resolution I made for myself this year. I wanted to try new produce in the kitchen and not just rely on the usual suspects in my grocery cart: broccoli, mushrooms and onions.

The year started out with some adventures with kale. I'm proud to say that I've kept up with this resolution for most of the year. I've tried leeks, parsnips and have also continued buying kale. The past month has had new adventures with butternut squash. I've always been a lil afraid to buy squash in the grocery store because I don't have the muscles or a good knife to cut through the thick exterior. Lucky for me, you can purchase precut squash in my local super grocery: Wegmans.
butternut squash + red onion combo
I've made four different recipes with my new bff butternut squash. I've definitely become a fan with its nice creamy texture and mild flavor.

Recipes I've Tried and So Should You: 
Butternut Squash Tian with Herbed Bread Crumbs from The Kitchn (Just don't add too much nutmeg and you're good to go). 

Bacon and Butternut Pasta from Cooking Light. No picture but definitely my favorite of the four recipes I've tried because you can't go wrong with anything that has bacon. 
Butternut Squash Casserole from Ezra Pound Cake. Kale+Butternut Squash!
Butternut Squash Chili from Dork-a-thon. This recipe was first made by my friend Derek a few months ago. I had been dying to make it on my own and finally remembered to tonight! Super tasty. 

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