Goldfish + Cupcakes

November 11, 2012

I love snacks but usually they are just too tempting to keep in my apartment. I avoid buying them since this seems to be the only method of preventing me from snacking all day long. But after getting a heads up from this Serious Eats article about Cupcake-Flavored Goldfish, I knew I couldn't pass up buying this interesting snack.
I am usually an eater of the savory Goldfish. I used to have a soft spot for the flavor blasted pizza-flavored Goldfish. Those you need to eat alone since no one would probably want to talk to you with  the garlicky, herby saturated flavor escaping your mouth. 

These "cupcake" Goldfish were simply sugary graham crackers, in the best way possible. Reminiscent of frosted animal crackers without the added douse of a thick sugar coating. While totally not a substitute for cupcakes, these are a nice cookie-like snack to have on hand to satisfy a sugar craving. Added bonus: specks of sprinkles and those cheery smiles to boost the eating experience. 

These were a welcomed treat while I spent hours watching election coverage last Tuesday night. I also raided the new Rochester Trader Joe's for some Election Night snacks. 

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