Three Strikes

January 17, 2013

I have a lot of "uh oh" moments while baking. Usually the "uh ohs" turn into horrible messes. So yesterday when I had not one but THREE "uh oh" moments (aka strikes), I almost abandoned the baking all together.

The recipe: Dark Chocolate Cake Doughnuts. I wanted to bake my first goodies of 2013 in my donut pan since it's been pretty neglected. I've only used it twice in the three months I've had it. The first attempt=success! The second=a complete disaster and all I'm going to say is you can't substitute apple jelly for apple butter

Anyway back to the doughnuts...

Strike One: When I added the melted butter to the other wet ingredients, it started to seize up resulting in visible solid flecks in the batter.
Strike Two: Went to go for my new bag of brown sugar, and found myself face-to-face with a very solid bag, no fluffy brown sugar. Softened it quickly in the microwave but wasn't quite the usual texture. 
Strike Three: When I mixed the dry and wet ingredients together, the batter got kind of tough. I blamed it on subbing plain greek yogurt for buttermilk. I usually use plain regular yogurt when subbing for buttermilk so I grabbed for milk to thin it out, maybe a lil too late in the baking process. 

Even after the strikes, I somehow trekked on and put the doughnuts in the oven. 

Well, ok there was a Strike Four: Overfilled doughnut pan so I got some freaky looking doughnuts. They kind of looked like muffins instead. 
It's hard not to think, "Girl, just walk away and cut your losses." I, however, persevered. On a few of them I cut off the "muffin top" and added the icing and coconut topping. 

The end result: TASTY DOUGHNUTS! No joke. I know I was set up for disaster but these lil guys stuck it out and came through for me. They were springy and moist and had a good amount of sweetness. Thanks, doughnuts. 

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