Tuesday Things

January 8, 2013

Happy Twenty-Thirteen! 

1. My family has decided that I can no longer go on living life using a crappy, dull, serrated kitchen knife that I got as part of a kitchen-in-a-box set from Target eons ago. I have a fear of knives and for those of you who know what I do for a living, this doesn't exactly make any sense. Anyway for Christmas, I received a very grown-up and lovely Wusthof Santoku Knife. OMG my life has transformed! As long as I keep my little fingers far away from the blade and take my sweet-ass time chopping, I am good to go with this knife.
2. I traveled home to Chicago for Christmas then spent New Years in Houston. I took the time in Houston as a food vacay. I miss food trucks! I went to one that Twin Sista had heard of called Muiishi Makirritos. Their unique concept: Japanese with a twist, this includes maki/burrito (aka makirritos), mac and cheese egg rolls and tempura shrimp 'n grits. Everything we tried was so flavorful, new and tasty. They also have a super cute truck.
the makirrito
3. I painted these cute color block wooden spoons for Christmas presents and now I wanna raid Hobby Lobby for other crafty things to make. Simple, fun and pretty. 
4. It's never too early to introduce your 4 month old niece to cupcakes
5. Is it too late to get a McRib? I had plans to eat one with Dad Chung since we were both curious and crazy enough to eat one but we totally forgot to go! 

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