Fun With Chalkboard Paint

February 19, 2013

I got on a crafting kick after painting some color block wooden spoons for Christmas gifts. I totally raided several different craft stores around town since the start the new year.

Pinterest is a goldmine for craft ideas. I spent one night over Christmas vacay ignoring my family and glued to my computer. I was brewing ideas on how to chase those winter blues (in case they creeped up on me).

My new love: Chalkboard Paint. I'm using the craft version but you can also buy it in buckets and paint entire walls with this stuff. Since Anthropologie and even Target are selling the cutest stuff with chalkboard on it, I thought I'd take it into my own creative hands.
I had some fun with my old canisters in my kitchen, mugs and my salt well.
I found plain, white mugs at the Christmas Tree Shops for $1.29 each. Take a look below to see how much a set of 4 chalkboard mugs costs (Way cheaper/better to make your own!). If you are too lazy to be crafty, I'll make some for you and even draw cute cupcakes on your mugs. 
How to Add Chalkboard Onto Your Random Stuff

Supplies Needed:

  • multi-surface chalkboard paint
  • paint brushes (not the sponge kind, will not work with chalkboard paint)
  • painters tape
  • mugs, canisters, jars, flower pots etc.
1. Clean surface before painting.
2. Use painters tape to plan out design. Press thoroughly on to surface to get rid of any air bubbles.
3. Paint a layer of the chalkboard paint. Wait a few minutes and then remove the tape before the paint dries (otherwise it may take the paint off with the tape). Let dry for an hour.
4. Add a second layer and dry for another hour. Repeat a third time and then dry for a day.
5. Rub chalk on the entire surface and then wipe clean.
6. Draw/write cute things onto your surface.

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