A Repeat Visit

May 28, 2013

I found myself with a free trip to Florida last week, not for vacation but for work in Tampa/St. Petersburg (like my trip last October). I left hot, humid Buffalo for hotter and more humid Tampa. One free day at the pool was more than enough for me. I was baking out there!
the obligatory feet/scenic pic
Just six days away from my kitchen was enough to get me antsy. I think I consumed about TEN different wraps/sandwiches in those days. I went for quick, convenient meals. This obviously was no eating/restaurant trip. I was merely eating to eat since I was at the mercy of whatever was within walking distance of my hotel. Starbucks and I became fast friends.
one of many sandwiches
But there was some time for cupcaking.

My first treat was actually in the form of a cake pop from The Lollicake Queen in Sarasota. Last year I didn't make it to there but my friend Adam (who lives in Sarasota) brought one for me all the way up to St. Pete.
I totally loved this cake pop. It wasn't too sweet and was the perfect sized treat (after eating my fair share of cupcakes, a little bite is all I need). Bonus: the banana flavor wasn't artificial-tasting at all; it was super tasty. Each lollicake is $2.25.

As for a finding proper cupcake on my trip, well that plan wasn't very well...planned. I forgot that in smaller cities, cupcake bakeries are closed on Sundays. Sunday was my only real free day to venture out with my friend Bob. We only had one option: a chain that I had visited last year in Houston: Gigi's Cupcakes.
I let Bob choose the flavor since we planned on splitting one of their enormous cupcakes. He decided on Banana Cream Pie, my second banana baked good of the week.
Bob + cupcake
Well, Gigi's the second time around was a disappointment: dry and overly sweet frosting, a somewhat dry cake, and way too much frosting. Only bonus: real fresh bananas in the frosting, which was a nice surprise. Their cupcakes are $3.50 each and I would say that they are not worth it after giving the bakery a second go. Even between the two of us, we couldn't finish the cupcake.

Maybe I'll find myself in Florida again in the near future. I've found myself ending up there almost every year since I entered adulthood so I'm pretty sure this isn't good-bye for too long. I just hope that trip falls in the dead of winter so I can get a break from the snow and cold.


  1. Let me know next time you are coming to Florida and I will be sure that you get a cuppie from The Cupcake Spot. There is one on Central Ave. in St. Pete walking distance from the Mahaffey. SO good! Unfortunately they closed their store in Tampa...sad face, happier waistline. Sorry I didn't get to see you! We missed you in Sarasota this year!!!

  2. Oh I wish I knew that The Cupcake Spot was right by Mahaffey, I played there Saturday night. Next time and I'll let you know if I end up in Tampa again!