Cupcake Decorating Class

May 1, 2013

When I saw a Groupon for a Cupcake Decorating Class, I knew I had to go. I purchased a class for two for more than half off the original price. (I love a good bargain).
Even though the groupon said "a class for two", it was a class of about twenty people. I took my friend Loren along for the journey.
hard at work
We each got six cupcakes to decorate (three different flavors: red velvet, vanilla and chocolate with different colored vanilla buttercream frosting). There were preset designs with a Spring Theme. We were provided with bowls of frosting, sprinkles, candies and other toppings.

The Final Results:
clockwise from top left: pear, garden, hibiscus, bee hive, cherry pie, sea turtle
The class was really entertaining but just being around that much sugar gave me a sugar overload (even though I wasn't consuming anything except the occasional frosting licking off my fingers). Minus the sharing of the pastry bags (which caused a waiting time and soft/warm frosting), I think this class was a success. 
located at: 634 Main Street, East Aurora, New York
Swirls Cupcakery is located about 15 miles south of Buffalo in East Aurora. It has cupcake classes offered on Sundays and Wednesdays. They have five everyday flavors as well as daily specials. Their cupcakes are $2.95 each. 

I decided after decorating to also get an official cupcake from the bakery and was recommended their Lemon Burst cupcake. It was not moist enough for me but had a lovely citrusy flavor that was light and not too sweet. The lemon curd filling was a tasty addition to add a bit of pop to the cupcake. 
Wanting to compare one of the decorated cupcakes to the Lemon Burst, I tried the Red Velvet (the pear one) cupcake since it seemed the most springy after squishing the wrapper. It definitely had a better texture and was pretty tasty.  Normally I would shy away from the cupcakes I decorated since they're topped with so much frosting but they are some pretty enjoyable eye candy. Not totally professional looking but some good fun nonetheless. 
On a side note: While I was conservative in my decorating, Loren was creative and added some lovely decorations to her cupcakes. We had some impressed ladies next to us. 

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