Happy TWO.

June 9, 2013

It's blog's birthday number 2 today! What started as a cupcake hunt, is now a baking/cooking/crafting/random things blog. Thanks for coming with me on my adventures.

Random Facts:
  • This is my 167th post. 
  •  I've been to 66 different cupcake bakeries and have had 3 guest bloggers at 2 other bakeries.
  • I've had cupcakes in 13 different cities. 
  •  Chicago is home to the most bakeries visited by me: TWENTY. 
  •  In the two years, three of the bakeries I've visited have closed. Two of them in Buffalo in the past six months. 
  •  I've lived in 4 different cities. 
  •  I've extended my visits outside the country (to my close neighbor, Canada). 
  •  Banana is still my go-to flavor of cupcake. Still don't know why. I've had 8.
  •  I write mostly 6 posts a month. Don't plan it but it always ends up this way. Not any less but sometimes a little more.
  •  While blog is now 2, I'm hitting a milestone birthday this year as well. It rhymes with birdie. 
Hopefully the blog won't go through any terrible twos. Happy Birthday!

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