Time for Some R & R

July 30, 2013

I'm back in Chicago at the parents' house for an ENTIRE month. My job affords me the free time so I'm here to spend some time with the family and friends, celebrate my niece's first birthday, relax and continue food adventures around the city.

I spent my first day back with Mom Chung and Sista Min, stuffing our faces with way too much good food. After a Chinese lunch, we headed to Jölane's Cafe for some coffee and tea, a place I'd never been but Mom Chung had been.
located at: 1100 Milwaukee Ave, Glenview, Illinois
The first thing I saw when I entered was a display case, filled with decadent pastries. I zeroed in on the cupcakes and Sista Min declared, "Let's get a cupcake!" Although the three of us were so full from lunch, we ordered one anyway.
There was only one flavor available: chocolate with vanilla frosting for $3.50. It was super moist and topped with a light and not-too-sweet frosting. The bold vanilla flavor really came through in the frosting. Mom Chung was really impressed. She stated, "I don't even like cupcakes but this one is the best one I've ever had. It's so good."It was good, but for me, not the best but still quite good. 
Jölane's coffee, tea and pastries are supplied and baked from Julius Meinl, an Austrian-based gourmet coffee, tea and dessert distributor. There are several Julius Meinl coffee shop locations in the city of Chicago, just not the suburbs. We even ordered a hazelnut cake in addition to the cupcake, which was also pretty delicious. We could only take one bite of it since there was a limited amount of room left in our bellies but we made sure to take it home to enjoy later. 
Sista Min + Mom
Glad to be home. Can't wait to relax and eat. I should probably go running a lot when I'm home just so I can eat all this tasty food! 

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