Curation Station

October 8, 2013

1. This "Hello Friend" stamp could be the ticket to bringing back the art of handwritten letters. Say "Hello Friend" to a friend. Oh, Hello Friend is a great site for vintage-y looking stationery and other goodies.

2. I'm beginning to hate lugging my purse around these days and like to consolidate to a small pouch for my daily essentials. Plus this one is made of recycled materials. Made by Hank Pouch

3. These cheery planters could fight those winter blues that our creeping up on us. Mini Planters Set from Poketo.

4. Ginger Chocolate Truffles from Shinshine. Can't wait to try these out.

5. For all you Breakfast at Tiffany's fans: a Holly Golightly Sleeping Mask from Fred Flare. This could translate to a Halloween costume too, I suppose.

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