Noodle Marriage

October 11, 2013

I'm late on the recent Korean food craze. A few months ago it was birthed on a Korean reality show (the video will make you hungry) and people can't seem to get enough of these noodles.

The dish is the marriage between two instant noodle favorites. The result: jjapaguri. This is basically two Nongshim products combined: chapagetti (jjajangmyun noodles=black bean noodles) and neoguri (spicy seafood ramen noodles). I found these at my local grocery store, NOT the Asian market. Check the Asian food aisle at your local supermarket and see if these are there.
Chapagetti was a staple for me during my college years. I made it in my freshman year dorm room in my hot pot all the time. When added with Neoguri seasoning, it becomes spicy and a little seafood-y. Nothing mind blowingly different but still salty, spicy, noodle-y goodness.
contents of packages. almost identical noodles
This recipe calls for using both noodle packages but since I'm just feeding myself, I decided to use half the goodies: one stack of noodles, one package of dried vegetables, half the pack of neoguri soup base and chapagetti soup base. Then I'll have some leftover ingredients the next time I crave Jjapaguri noodles. 
Here's a paired down recipe for Jjapaguri
1 package of Chapagetti
1 package of Neoguri
Vegetable Oil
1. Boil 3 cups of water. When water boils, add one stack of noodles and one package of dried vegetable flakes. Cook for several minutes until noodles reach desired texture. 
2. Drain the noodles but save the cooking water. 
3. Return noodles to pot. Add 3 tbs of cooking water to noodles then add half the package of the chapagetti soup base (black bean powder) , add a quarter of the neoguri soup base (spice powder) and a splash of vegetable oil. Mix until well combined. If dry, add more reserved cooking water. (Should not be soupy but rather saucy). 
4. Enjoy with some mild, pickled daikon radish. 
homemade daikon pickles. tastes just like grandma's! 

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