Sweet Good-Bye to 2013

January 6, 2014

A couple posts ago I declared that I had my last cupcakes of 2013, which were some severely disappointing ones. (The more I think about them, the angrier I get. I even adjusted my original ratings to lower ones. I was being a little too nice initially).
located at: 436 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids, Michigan
But on a little winter trip up to Grand Rapids, Michigan to visit Sista Min and her hubby, I found some cupcakes on New Years Eve to officially have my last cupcakes of the year. And boy were they tasty.
I ordered the two cupcakes available at the Sweetie-Licious stand in Grand Rapid's new Downtown Market (which was fun, swanky and filled with amazing local produce). The bakery is known for their award winning pie but I just stuck to cupcakes. Each are $3.29 and they were Coconut Angel Food and Pumpkin. 

While the cake was not as fluffy and light as I'd hoped, the angel food cupcake still had the most delicious frosting I've eaten in a long time. It was tangy from the cream cheese, a little sweet and had the perfect amount of coconut flavor. I also kind of loved the imperfect look to the cupcake (it was a little lopsided) because it had a homemade feel to it.

The pumpkin cupcake was heavy on a certain spice that neither I nor sista or her hubby could put our fingers on. It made the cake not quite as delectable as the angel food but with the cream cheese frosting, it masked the heavy spice and made it pretty yummy.

I'm so glad I could recover from those bad "couture" cupcakes the other day with these simple, just-like-home-baked cupcakes. And it was a perfect way to close out 2013.

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