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February 3, 2014

I'm back to crafting while I eagerly wait for spring to arrive. It's been a brutal winter, which has made me go into full-on hibernation mode . While I'm holed up in my toasty apartment, I keep myself distracted by finding new crafty projects on Pinterest (and also binge-watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix).  
These photo holders are super cute and super easy. With Valentine's Day around the corner, this could also be a way to display a valentine for your valentine in the heart-shaped holder. 

A quick word about floral wire: it can be found in your local craft store near the fake flowers. The thickest gauge (the smallest number) I could find was 18 but these came wrapped in green fabric. I kept it on since it added a pop of color. But you could easily remove the fabric if you'd like to keep it silver. 

Spread some cheer around your home with these cute photo holders. 
How to Make Photo Holders adapted from Handmade Charlotte
18 gauge Floral Wire
Shape Template (use the small star here)
Cutting Pliers
Blank Paper
Craft Wood Blocks
Acrylic Craft Paint
Paint Brush
Super Glue
1. Print out template of star. Take floral wire and start in the middle of the wire and trace wire around star shape using non-cutting pliers. When you complete the star, make one last bend of the wire upwards (this is clip that holds photo in place). This should be about a half inch long. Use cutting pliers to clip off extra wire. 
2. Take a blank sheet of paper and place over the star template. Use the star as a guide for the size to draw another shape of your choosing. I also made a tulip and heart-shaped photo holders. Repeat step 1 for the new shapes.
3. Paint the wood blocks and let dry. Take wire and create hole on top of block (in the middle) by twisting into block. This is going to take some muscle! 
4. For extra security, super glue the wire into the hole. 
5. Use to display your favorite photos and cards. 

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