Fat Tuesday Fail

March 5, 2014

After eating an incredibly tasty Fat Tuesday doughnut last year, my friend Loren and I went in search of the elusive pastry yesterday. The bakery where we happily ate our first paczki closed down sometime in the past year so we decided to make a quick stop to Buffalo's famous Broadway Market (known for their Polish goodies) just before work that morning.
A brief refresher: Paczki are Polish doughnuts filled with jelly/cream and topped with glaze/powdered sugar that are eaten right before Lent begins.
To make a long story short, we were thoroughly disappointed with our paczki finds today. While the Broadway Market's website boasts of having all your paczki needs today at three different vendors, we only saw two and only one looked slightly appetizing.

We then decided that we would make a pit stop to another paczki bakery in the city but arrived only to find out they were sold out until later in the afternoon. Loren decided to get a regular sugar doughnut at Mazurek's Bakery, which was pretty tasteless and solidified our decision not to return for a paczki later.
located at: Broadway Market, 999 Broadway Street, Buffalo, New York
Our Paczki from the Chruciki Bakery in the Broadway Market were cold and stale. Aside from a tasty prune filling, they couldn't satisfy our paczki craving. Maybe we're ruined forever because our first bite of paczki was so delicious last year. I'll be on the hunt for a better paczki next year or maybe I'll bake some of my own if I'm feeling adventurous.

On a side note: I've given up online shopping for Lent in order to up my level of productivity in life. I've made a few exceptions for work-related items and birthday gifts but I already found myself accidentally clicking on a link for jeans. Ok, hopefully I won't slip again. Wish me luck!


  1. NOOOO!!! that sucks. you should DEFINITELY make your own. and put them on top of cupcakes.

    1. that would be the ultimate fat tuesday indulgence! eeeee!!!