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May 7, 2014

I took another short trip last week and this time it was to Baltimore. (I'm traveling a few more times in the next couple months so more fun travels ahead!). I didn't get to do as much exploring of the city as I did in Seattle but I got to spend some time with my good pal, Jina, and her new pup, Masha!
In the short time I had in Baltimore, Jina made sure that I ate some seafood, Korean food and cupcakes! I had high hopes to walk to the harbor but since Baltimore was getting pummeled with rain, I spent most of my time indoors.

On our cupcake hunt, Jina and I happened to stumble upon a gluten-free bakery that also specialized in multi-cultural cuisine. Establishments that try to make a variety of items tend to worry me a little bit since they might stretch themselves thin. But Yelp had some decent reviews so we decided to stop by Sweet 27 for dinner and cupcakes.
located at: 123 W 27 St, Charles Village, Baltimore, Maryland
Jina and I decided to split two cupcakes: Carrot and German Chocolate. There was an array of flavors, some even being dairy-free and vegan. Each cupcake is $2.85. (We also got tasty food for dinner. Jina had a unique variety of dishes: chana masala, mango bbq chicken and plantains and black beans).
Both cupcakes exceeded my expectations. I honestly didn't have high hopes for these gluten-free treats since I had a horrible one a couple years ago. However, Sweet 27's gf cupcakes were just like normal cupcakes AND super delicious, especially the cream cheese frosting on top of the carrot cupcake.
The cupcakes are made with a combo of tapioca, rice and I-can't-remember-the-other-flour-since-it-was-a-week-ago flours. They were perfectly moist and not oily and delicious.

Hooray for yummy cupcakes and I still can't believe that they were gluten-free.

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