Countdown to 100

September 19, 2014

I'm about to embark on my six day road trip down to Florida this weekend, which I'll dub as A & M's Big Adventure (the special friend is joining me on this journey and we're making it into quite an adventurous road trip, with many exciting meals ahead!).

And a major part of this journey is being able to venture to several cupcake bakeries that have made it on The Daily Meal's 101 Best Cupcakes in America List. Four of bakeries in the Top 10 are on our route. I can't wait to try them out since the highest ranked bakery on the list that I've tried is number 30 (Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique in Chicago).

Also, I'm about to hit the 100th cupcake bakery that I've visited and have also featured on the blog. I'm currently at 95 (including today's bakery) (I'm also not counting the two bakeries that guest bloggers have featured). So the big 100 could happen within in the week during this road trip.

But before I leave for this trip tomorrow, I made a quick stop to Indianapolis to see my trusty instrument repairman today. And Indy is home to number 15 on the Best Cupcake List: The Flying Cupcake. I couldn't not go to that bakery.
located at: 423 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana
I was hoping that after reading about The Bee's Knees cupcake on the Daily Meal list, which is a light honey pear cake scented with ginger and topped with honey buttercream, that I would be able to try it out. But sadly, it wasn't offered today. So instead I opted for their Irish Car Bomb cupcake, which was considered a jumbo cupcake priced at $3.75.

It was moist, flavorful but the frosting was a tad sweet for me. Decent but to be honest, I've had better.
On a side note: Prior to today, I had only visited 8 out of the 101 bakeries on the list. But on their 50 Best Cupcakes List from 2013, I had visited 11 out of 50. Can't wait to try some more out from this list!

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