Weekend Adventures

November 14, 2014

Adventures were had this past weekend around my new home in Tampa Bay. To be honest, in the past seven weeks I've lived here, I haven't done too much exploring. But since the special friend came to visit, it gave me a good excuse to put work aside for a couple of days and venture out into my new city.

 First Trip to the Beach:
Seashell hunting.
Sunsets upon sunsets.
And the perfected art of the action shot.
Explored West Tampa for Cafe Con Leche & a Cuban Sandwich at West Tampa Sandwich Shop
Smoked Fish from Ted Peter's Smoked Fish (which a seagull also enjoyed from the special friend's fingers which led to the beachside picnic to turn into a picnic inside my car). The smoked fish spread is perfectly delicious. 
An Afternoon at the Races:
Living so close to a greyhound race track led to some curiosity and then an outing to watch some matinee races. We didn't lose all our money and it was quite a sight to see the dogs run so fast. 

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