Publix, For The Win!

February 17, 2015

After my huge doughnut debacle with homemade paczki this past weekend, I decided homemade isn't always better. So as now it has been a tradition for 2 years (3 including today), I decided to grab myself a Fat Tuesday Paczki.
The local grocery store, Publix, was rumored online to have paczki for the holidays. I have been to Publix every day for the past 4 days and every day I would ask if they had the special doughnuts yet. Today, they finally arrived!

Publix offered three varieties: raspberry, bavarian cream and apple. I opted for raspberry and could only purchase them in a 4-pack (so my work colleagues will help me eat them tomorrow).
These were delicious, pillowy doughnuts but not the same magical paczki I had 2 years ago. Today, it merely was just a jelly doughnut.

Am I crazy for thinking that I had eaten something so life-changing? Or is it something that I could only dream about from now on? I'm going to persevere and hopefully can patronize this bakery if I'm ever home for Fat Tuesday in the coming years.


On a side note: after watching The Great British Baking Show's episode on doughnuts, I realized my issues in my doughnut adventure---over-proofed and over-fried. Lesson learned!

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