Curation Station: App-y Times

March 12, 2015

These are my current favorite apps for iPhone. 

1. Calm- I recently discovered the App Smart column in the New York Times. And his recommendation for relaxation apps included this gem, Calm. It guides you through meditations and is free to download. Recommended for use in the morning, you can have a quick 2 minute session or longer ones. It definitely helps me feel more zen these days.

2. Girl Scout Cookie Finder- It's that time of year...girl scout cookie time! And my current job doesn't have any parents of girls scouts so the next best option is to use this app to find where the girl scouts sell cookies after school/weekends. Samoas, come to mama!

3. Two Dots- I quit playing Candy Crush almost two years ago and replaced it with this fun puzzle game with dots.

4. Day One- This journaling app helps me document little moments in my life through pictures and short captions. This app is $4.99 but I got lucky and got it for free when it was spotlighted on the App Store's App of the Week (be sure to check weekly for the app of the week. i've gotten great apps through these offers for free!).

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