Weekday Adventures

March 30, 2015

The parental units made an escape to Florida to come spend a few days in the sun with me. This meant that I could pry myself away from my desk to enjoy the sites of Florida.

Beach Day at Honeymoon Island State Park: This might have been the first time in 25 years that I've been to the beach with my parents.
Seashore exploring at the Gandy Bridge Fishing Pier (Tampa Side): Our family friend's son goes spearfishing everyday here in Tampa and we came along for the ride (well at least enjoyed it from the shore).

Each of those mounds in the sand are little living creatures. Mollusks and little tiny crabs roam these sands.
The below are a mollusk called whelks and we found over 20 of them in the shallow waters and in the sand. I even tried them in a soup and they were delicious. 
 Hermit crab siting!
The fresh catch of the day from Sammy's spearfishing hunt: mullet, sheepshead fish and mangrove snapper. We even ate them, sushi-style. Really tasty!
Sunsets: You can't live on the gulf coast without catching a beautiful sunset. We were not disappointed. 
Meals: These are fresh oysters from the Olde Bay Cafe in Dunedin, the perfect setting for dinner with a sunset view.
We also enjoyed meals from these Tampa Bay area restaurants:
Locale Market 
Sa Ri One
Cafe Cibo
Tasty Pho

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