Curation Station: Road Trip Essentials

June 26, 2015

After recently partaking in a solo road trip that took place over 2 days, 23 hours and 1350 miles; the following essentials really helped me get through the monotonous driving. But even if you are with a buddy or two, these are great for the car. A big savior was having my iPod/iPhone hookup to my car stereo---A HUGE MUST. 

1. Energized-Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans I prefer not to consume any caffeine on a daily basis but when I'm road tripping, I desperately need caffeine to stay alert. Espresso beans are the perfect way to get a boost without having to drink coffee/tea/energy drinks---which often cause frequent bathroom stops. (3 beans equal the same amount of caffeine in a can of coke).

2. Energized Part 2-Packaged Apple Slices I read on a poster of random facts at the movie theater that one apple gives as much energy as a cup of coffee. Whenever I feel a little tired but don't want to get too jittery, I grab for an apple slice. (I don't buy packaged apple slices but rather cut up an apple pre-trip. Although I do try to get a kid's meal with apple slices when I stop for lunch). 

3. Snackies-Honey Roasted Almonds Healthy snacks have helped me feel less disgusting after a long road trip. Nuts and trail mix are great snackies for the road. 

4. Hydrated-Trader Joe's Electrolyte Water Cause electrolytes are good for you, when you're dehydrated, right?

5. Charged-Phone USB Car Charger Helped my phone stay juiced, especially after long phone calls.

6. Entertained-Aziz Ansari Modern Romance Audiobook Audiobooks are great for roadtrips to stay entertained. I usually love the comedian-written books by authors like Mindy Kaling and Tina Fey. Aziz's new book was a great listening adventure. 

7. Entertained Part 2-Ask Me Another Podcast This NPR podcast is great since it is trivia game show. This allows you to play along and keeps you engaged and entertained.

8. In Desperate Times-Favorite Playlist When I got really run down by my long drive, I cranked up a playlist of songs I knew all the words to so I could sing along very loudly. This usually did the trick for keeping me going. (My playlist of choice: all 'n sync songs. No shame, was a huge fan in the late 90s). 

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