Afternoon Snack

October 5, 2015

Last week I was on a little adventure a few hours northwest of Houston in Fort Worth for a work trip. Never having been here before, I was excited to see what Fort Worth had to offer. It seemed like a perfect little-big city, with less traffic than Houston (HUGE BONUS) and the diversity of a bigger city.  

During my first time downtown, I was pleasantly surprised to see a cupcakery right across the street from work. Just my luck! So as a post-rehearsal treat, I decided to stop in a sample a cupcake. 

At The Original Cupcakery, there were regular sized cupcakes as well as minis. And after a quick glance, I could tell there was a good variety of flavors available. They had my favorite staple: a banana cupcake but I actually opted for their seasonal American Apple Pie. I suppose I was craving fall flavors. Each regular-sized cupcake is $3.75. 
The cupcake was fluffy but the cake itself was a little too sweet for me, which I would have to say is a first in all my time cupcaking. However, the goopy, flavorful and delicious apple pie filling brought a good balance with the cake to provide me with a great, not-too-sweet post-rehearsal snack. I’m not sure what the flavor the dollop of frosting was but it didn’t distract from the rest of the cupcake. 

What a delightful afternoon pick-me-up! (Actually upon eating, I came home and took a quick snooze, so not an actual pick-me-up. Naps, just can't resist them).

And a special thank you to Fort Worth for providing me with a reunion with one of my all time favorites: In-N-Out Burger!!!! It's been 3 years since we last met and I'm so glad we could reunite again. (Animal style and my first protein style---delicious!).
The Original Cupcakery
132 East 4th Street
Fort Worth, Texas

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