Halloween Baking Party

November 6, 2015

Last month, I had been dreaming of having a super fun pumpkin carving party with friendsies, making elaborate, festive designs on gourds (I haven't carved a pumpkin in over 2 decades). However, I got so thoroughly got vetoed by Twin Sista. But as a compromise, she suggested a baking party to celebrate fall.
On the menu: 
It was most of our first attempt at making/decorating mini cakes. Our impatience led to not freezing the cakes long enough, so they weren't as cooperative while being frosted/decorated. We went with the biscuit cutter method, rather than the fancy momofuku milk bar's acetate method to make the cute minis. 
And some people got in the spirit of Halloween:
To be honest, I wasn't sure what a matcha and black sesame combo would taste like. The spongey cake wasn't overpowered by the matcha flavor and the black sesame was a little nutty and almost chocolatey (probably from the vanilla?). Totally. delicious. 
As for the doughnuts, my mini pan always creates the cutest little treats. 

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