Fried Poutine Poppers!

February 17, 2016

Poutine, in tater tot form? Too good to be true!

And for Super Bowl Sunday, I attempted to make these cheesey, potatoey fried treats.
And they were just as delicious as I hoped they would be: salty, cheesy, crispy and oh-so-the-perfect-drunken-super-bowl snack to please a crowd of football fans.
But any gathering with friends and beer would be the perfect setting to savor these little bundles of goodness. Would they make an Oscars party less classy? Probably...

These little bites are basically mashed potatoes stuffed with cheese curds, fried and then dipped in gravy. So if you're up for some deep frying and some indulgence, make these ASAP!

Check out the recipe from Serious Eats for Poutine Poppers.

Recipe Note: I found it easier to roll just enough of the potato mixture around the cheese curd to make the poppers a little smaller and more bite sized. This made them easier to eat and also made people grab for more!

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