I live in Texas.

March 20, 2016

I'm finally getting the idea wrapped around my head that I live in Texas. Sure, I lived here four years ago but it feels different now. Houston is now home (nomad life is over!) and I feel like I should embrace the strong Texan pride that seeps out of its many residents.
I thought the perfect way to embrace my new home was by experiencing the Houston Rodeo. Every March, Houston hosts a Rodeo---complete with concerts, livestock exhibitions, a carnival and actual rodeo action. Leading up to the opening of the rodeo, Houstonians even celebrate Go Texan Day: western wear is encouraged around the city.

Well, guess what? I didn't go.

I didn't try too hard to make it happen and I ideally wanted to go on a weeknight to avoid larger crowds. But my work and friends' schedules didn't line up and now today is the last day of the rodeo.

But in honor of the rodeo, I decided to welcome Texas in the kitchen instead. I googled "Texas recipes" and came across Texas Beans. This recipe from the Washington Post describes authentic Texas Beans as the quintessential barbecue accompaniment; however they're not similar to ranch beans or baked beans. They're pinto beans that are simple, creamy and brothy.
These beans are buttery, simple yet flavorful. I was also able to find salt pork (which is just a big hunk of salt cured pork belly). Using bacon is acceptable too but it will probably yield a more smoky flavor. And the leftovers can be mashed and made into refried beans! They were easy to make and I can't wait to find more Texas flavors in the kitchen.
Hopefully next year, I'll find myself at the Rodeo!

Texas Pinto Beans

  • use this recipe from The Washington Post
  • the site allows a smaller portion to be made. i used the 6-7 servings option. 

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