Ombré Fail.

April 29, 2016

I love those BuzzFeed posts of Pinterest fails, mainly because most ridiculously good looking food is probably not going to come out as ridiculously good looking in real life. I usually know which battles to pick in the kitchen, clearly avoiding those unattainable fancy foods.

Well, apparently, my ambition got the most of me last weekend. I thought I would try out my new popsicle molds for a friend's birthday bbq party. And I had my eye on these ombré popsicles for almost a year. They sounded simple enough so with a borrowed turkey baster, I dove head first into the operation. 
Well the lack of patience and cooperation from the turkey baster proved ombré popsicles were harder to make than I imagined. (I ended up just spooning in the yogurt and coloring it a total of two shades of chocolate---definitely not at all visible). 

And trying to figure out how to remove the frozen treats from the mold proved harder to do also. Ombré fail ✔️. Popsicle removal fail ✔️. 

But the end result: if you like Greek Yogurt, then you'll love these. I found them a little sour for my taste but you win some, you lose some. 

Until we meet again, popsicle mold. 

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