Rainy Days

June 15, 2016

I've been a little quiet in this corner of the interwebs lately because a) I moved into a new apartment and was without wifi for a week (torture) and b) was gone on a food vacay in NYC. This cupcake adventure is from three weeks ago---enjoy! 

In case you haven't heard, Houston had been like monsoon city lately. Since the torrential flooding that hit the city in mid April, the heavy rain hasn't really lightened up. On the bright side, it kept the temperatures from creeping up into the 90s for a little bit. 
Well a few weekends ago, I had a performance about 40 miles north of Houston on a Friday. Friday traffic in Houston is notoriously bad (and it was the start of Memorial Day weekend) and I thought I would drive early and plan a whole day exploring the surrounding area near The Woodlands. 

My first stop: Cake Swirl in Old Town Spring. When I first departed Houston, it was a little drizzly but as my drive progressed, the rain got heavier. As soon as I pulled into the cute village of Old Town Spring, I was met with high water on the roads and a deep fear my car was going to get stuck if I kept attempting to drive in the large puddles (Twin Sista's car was damaged last year due to high water in Houston--so now I'm extra cautious). So I parked and waited patiently in my car before I ventured into the cupcake bakery. Well, the rain didn't let up in the half hour I sat in my car and the water was getting higher on the roads. My gig was canceled and I was about 30 miles from home, unsure I'd make it back. 

Long story short, I made it home after about 2 hours of waiting. No cupcake but my car and I were safe. 

About a week later, Twin Sista surprised me and our friend David with cupcakes from a nearby bakery, Le Cakery Boutique. I was able to get a cupcake fix when the previous week's rain had prevented it. 
She picked up three cupcakes to share and each were $3.75. The flavors were cookie butter, chocolate coconut and mocha. All three fell victim to a dry cake, a very distracting texture. The flavors weren't too sweet and pretty delicious but the cupcakes as a whole were ruined by the texture. The best of the three was the chocolate coconut since it was the least dry of the batch. 
Still on the hunt for a super tasty cupcake in Houston. Could Cake Swirl be the one? Until next time...

Le Cakery Boutique
1014 Wirt Road
Houston, Texas
Twin Sista and I think that if you need a good cupcake in Houston, your best bet is Sprinkles or Crave (a bakery I didn't rate well 5 years ago but has since surprised me with how tasty their cupcakes are!).

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