Cupcakes for Breakfast

August 14, 2016

Cupcakes, for breakfast? Well at Southport Grocery and Cafe, it's a real thing. They offer their gluten-free vanilla cupcake batter in pancake form, topped with vanilla butter and maple syrup.
The pancake sans syrup was sweet enough on its own. It was fluffy, reminiscent of the funfetti cake and totally works in pancake form. And the best part was that they offer a solo pancake, which allowed sistas and me to sample other goodies from the breakfast menu.
The cafe also offers regular cupcakes, which have been on my radar ever since the inception of the blog. They only have three flavors: chocolate, vanilla or red velvet. Cupcakes range from $3-3.25.

We settled on a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. The cupcake itself was a little dry, mediocre and unmemorable. I definitely preferred the pancake version over the actual cupcake. Maybe I can do some experimenting at home with the next batch of cupcakes I make---cupcake waffles anyone?
Southport Grocery & Cafe
3552 North Southport Avenue
Chicago, Ilinois

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