The Summer of Ice Cream

September 22, 2016

Since today marks the first day of autumn, it's made me reflect on all the ice cream I've consumed over the summer. Looking back on the last season, I've eaten more ice cream/frozen goodies than I think I have in a long time. It was a nice departure from the ubiquitous cupcakes in my life and I officially declare 2016: The Summer of Ice Cream.

The Childhood Favorite: I'll always have a soft-spot for Baskin Robbins's Rainbow Sherbet.

Asian-Style: Green tea and red bean ice cream served with Korean-style doughnuts compliments of one of my favorite Korean restaurants, Ttowa.

Ice Cream with the Nieces: Kids + ice cream= a natural pairing 

The Prettiest Gelato: The gourmet, artisanal gelato that comes in flower form just opened its doors in Houston---love you already, Amorino.

The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop: Just a short drive from my apartment is a cute ice cream shop (also next door to my new favorite doughnut shop) that serves unique flavors. And on weekends, you can go next door to Hugs And Donuts and grab a donut to add to a shake.

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