Sweets in Sugar Land

June 9, 2017

It's three weeks until move-out day and with the time I have left here in Houston, I am trying to cross off the last couple of spots on my cupcake bakery list. I found it pretty amusing that I would travel to the suburb, Sugar Land, to get some cupcakes today.

The Sweet Boutique has been on my radar for a couple years ever since I saw it was #89 on The Daily Meal's 101 Best Cupcakes in America in 2015. The bakery specializes not only in cupcakes but also custom cakes, cake pops, macarons and cookies. Each cupcake is $3.
I ordered a pistachio cupcake but my eye also caught a beautiful chocolate ganache on top of a strawberry cupcake so I ordered that one as well. I told Twin Sista I would be cupcaking today and she said she would only be interested in sampling them if they looked good. I really hoped they wouldn't disappoint..
What a relief! The Sweet Boutique really delivered on their cupcakes; both were so delicious! The pistachio cupcake was topped with a light frosting and when eaten with the nutty cake, it made for a tasty bite. The ganache on the strawberry cake, which Twin Sista described as luxurious looking, was just as delectable as it looked. It was rich and had a deep chocolate flavor and maybe overpowered the mild strawberry cake, but nonetheless was really delicious. 
The best part about these cakes was that they weren't too sweet. It was kind of hard for me to save some for Twin Sista to sample later but I was able to restrain myself from gobbling up both cupcakes.

The Sweet Boutique
Town Square
2270 Lone Star Drive
Sugar Land, Texas

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