DIY Stamped Pouches

December 18, 2017

It's the sixth year that I've been making Christmas crafty gifts and lately I wonder if I'll one day run out of ideas. Oh silly me, as long as there's Pinterest, I think I'll be stocked with ideas for many years to come.

This year's craft is stamped pouches that can be used as cosmetic bags or pencil pouches. I purchased some on Amazon but you can also easily find some at your local Hobby Lobby.
A watermelon print is easily made with a DIY potato stamp.

Or you can use a pencil eraser to create an easy polka dot pattern.

And if you have a stamp carving kit, you can carve out a cute pineapple print.
Stamped Pouches: adapted from The Lovely Drawer
Supplies needed:
canvas zipper pouch found here or here
fabric paint
1 small potato, cut into a quarter of its size to create a watermelon shape (refer to this photo)
pencil with a fresh eraser
stamp carving kit (optional)
sponge craft brush
1. Coat the stamp with paint using the sponge craft brush and practice the shapes on a scrap sheet of paper. When ready, stamp the pouch on both sides.
2. Let paint dry for a couple of hours. Then fill pouch with your favorite pencils or makeup.

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