Fried Korean Street Food

January 11, 2018

During the winter months in Korea, Koreans warm up to sweet, sugar and nut filled pancakes (hotteok) served at street carts. My grandma used to make a version of these pancakes at home with raisins and brown sugar. But when I saw this recipe for savory hotteok, I was immediately intrigued.
While these fried, pupusa-like treats are not exactly in my post-holiday-eating-healthy diet, I couldn't resist using a free morning to make these yeasted-dough goodies.
The filling uses the same sweet potato starch glass noodles in the popular Korean noodle dish japchae. It's a pretty easy recipe to make but requires rising time for the yeasted dough. So while the dough is rising, you have time to make the filling. Also the dipping sauce isn't necessary but is a nice complement to the hotteok.

The end result: a crispy yet chewy pocket of savory deliciousness.
The Recipe: Vegetable Hotteok from Aeri's Kitchen

Recipe Tips:

  • sweet potato starch noodles and sweet rice flour (mochiko brand) are available at your local Asian market but click on links above to shop for them on Amazon
  • hotteok gets its flattened disc shape with the aid of a special hotteok tool and you can see it in action in this video but if you don't have one (I don't!), you can simply use a spatula.
  • feel free to use any vegetables that float your boat or even add ground beef
  • Aeri's recipe is great because she doesn't douse her cooking pan with heaps of vegetable oil but if you prefer the extra oil, feel free to use a heavy pour of oil for frying

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