Savory Pancakes

April 20, 2018

Twin Sista is usually my consultant for all things food related (she actually should be the one with the food blog since she is more knowledgable with the latest recipes and hip restaurants). A couple months ago, she introduced me to a chickpea pancake/flatbread, socca, that's super easy to make and is a good way to eat a pancake that's filled with protein and fiber.

Socca is made from chickpea flour, or garbanzo bean flour as it's usually labeled, and is a street food from France. It's suppose to have a nice charred flavor but on my stovetop, I'm assuming I'm not quite getting the authentic experience--I love it nonetheless. And if you're groaning at the idea of buying an expensive bag of flour you'll never use again from Whole Foods, I'm happy to report that a 16oz bag of garbanzo bean flour from Bob's Red Mill is a little over $2 at Whole Foods (definitely not like the $12 price tag on almond flour).
Lately, I've been using the flatbread as a vessel for my morning egg tacos or using Molly Yeh's recipe for yogurt topped socca. It's a quick, delicious, healthy meal.

AND I followed the Twin's lead and tried waffling socca in my waffler.
The Recipe: Molly's recipe for socca with yogurt and broccolini provides a complete meal using socca but one can just make the pancake/flatbread and serve it seasoned and topped with olive oil. The batter needs some time to rest (I read up to a few hours but 20-30 mins should be fine) but once the batter is ready, it comes together in no time.

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