One for You, One for Me

June 6, 2018

With a friend's birthday last week, I decided the quickest way to get a treat to him was to grab a cupcake at a local bakery (since I hadn't planned on baking anything). I used this opportunity to try a cupcake bakery I hadn't been to yet: Kansas City Cupcake Co. It seemed a little risky since I couldn't vouch for the cupcake but I just went for it.
The bakery has classic flavors as well as weekly specials. I decided to get a flavor-packed one for the friend: caramel hot chocolate which was even topped with marshmallows. I opted for a tamer cupcake: cookies n' creme. Each cupcake is $2.49.
I got super excited when I first felt how springy the cupcake was through the wrapper squish test. The texture was moist and fluffy but it burst with too much sweetness. I couldn't pinpoint the culprit until I sampled the cake on its own. It had an artificial sweet flavor and when it was combined with the frosting and filling, it was too sweet for me to handle. But I actually liked the not-too-sweet frosting with its oreo cookie flavor.

The friend reported back that he liked his birthday treat, especially the frosting. I was just thrilled the bakery offered an option for a birthday candle, which was the first time in my 7 years of cupcaking that this has ever happened.

Kansas City Cupcake Co.
5038 Lamar Avenus
Mission, Kansas

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