Whole30: Reintroduction

September 22, 2018

Over a month ago, I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and completely optimistic about the Whole30 finally helping me figure out why my sinuses feel like poop most days and why I can't get a proper night's sleep most nights.

Well, after the last ten days of reintroduction, I can't say I have any answers. My body didn't feel too different when I reintroduced the four food groups I had omitted during my month on the Whole30: legumes, dairy, non-gluten grains and gluten grains. I had a little bit of tightness in my stomach about an hour after eating them for the first time on their reintroduction days but then everything else seemed back to normal. (Well minus the two days that followed dairy but it wasn't anything too serious but for fear of TMI, I will refrain from sharing).
cooking recipes now by omitting the sugar in the original recipe like with this Eggplant Coconut Curry

Reintroduction still required some discipline and self-control. I couldn't just grab for all the foods I had missed while on the Whole30 (even though I wanted to). On one day, one food group would be introduced and then the following two days would be back on the Whole30 in order to observe any reactions the body might have. But now I've made it to the end and can finally pat myself on the back for completing this journey.

Conclusion: Whole30 didn't work for me in finding out if food was the culprit for my sinus pressure and insomnia issues. Maybe this was a blessing in some ways because I can eat without having to eliminate certain foods now. But I did feel proud to have cooked so much, eaten healthier and to have challenged myself for the past month+. And my waistline saw a difference too but that might also be because I also tried to work out for 30 days straight while on the Whole30 (I'm usually a once a week worker outer).

Would I recommend the Whole30? Sure, what's there to lose? If you have the time to prep and cook for yourself for thirty straight days, go ahead! I thought the new meals were delicious and happy to see new recipes in my rotation now.

And now I'm excited to eat all the tacos when I go to Houston next week to meet my new baby niece. EEEE...I can't wait!

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