My First McRib

November 8, 2018

I've had this strange goal to eat my first McRib for about the past six years. But since McRib season is always in November, I've wanted to save the extra calories for Thanksgiving and Christmas and would pass on the McRib adventure year after year. Well, as of three days ago, I have finally reached my goal! 
My fascination started back when Jack Osbourne got super excited about the return of the McRib on The Osbournes and every year, my favorite Chicago radio show host sings praises for the McRib. Its cult following and its strange boneless-rib-like shape also piqued my curiosity. 
So how'd it taste? Well, I've always loved McDonald's bbq sauce with its tangy, sweet flavor and since this sandwich is doused in the sauce, it scored some points with me. But the meat, oh the meat. It had an oddly springy texture and had a strange, artificial smokey taste. But the tangy pickles made the flavor a little better but I couldn't get over the fake meat taste. Yet, I managed to gobble up the entire sandwich. 

My first adventure with the McRib might also be my last adventure with the elusive sandwich. But if you're curious, you can find a McRib using this McRib Locator

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