Soup Weather

January 24, 2019

It's full on winter over here in KC: ice, snow storms, frigid temps--the whole shebang. I've been layering up in heattech gear from Uniqlo and wearing my super fancy parka but also consuming as much soup to stay extra cozy and warm. Here are some of my favorites lately: 

This lasagna soup has been in regular rotation since Serena of Domesticate Me posted the recipe two years ago. I find it a good way to pack in lots of veggies so I feel kind of healthy while consuming a soup that tastes like lasagna. 
Red Lentil Soup with Lemon:
Big Sista makes red lentil soup regularly in her kitchen and I loved it so much when she made it for me once. Red lentil soup cooks up quickly with the help of split red lentils. It's hearty and with a Mediterranean flavor that is so delicious.
This may be my new favorite chicken soup since it's full of Asian flavors that remind me of the chicken soup I like to make when I'm feeling under the weather. And it has flour dumplings that are the same Korean sujebi hand-torn noodles my grandma would add to her seafood-based broth that I loved so much as a kid. 

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