Chocolate Chip Cookie Test No. 3-Old Fashioned Cookies

February 2, 2019

I was gifted the BraveTart baking book for my birthday a few months ago but hadn't baked anything from it yet (I did help the Twin in making her brownies over the summer). I decided that for my first recipe out of the book I would turn to her chocolate chip cookie recipe. But in keeping with the brown butter theme, I used the brown butter variation.
Like the Food Lab's Kenji, Stella Parks also painstakingly tests her recipes, so I put my trust in her recipe. These are old-fashioned in the sense that they use chopped chocolate, which was how cookies were made pre-Toll House cookie recipe in the late 19th century.
The Recipe: BraveTart's Old-Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies but instead of creaming the butter, I browned 10 tbs of butter (and let it cool) and added an extra egg, as Stella advises in her book.
Recipe Highlights:
  • used semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolate chunks
  • calls for baking soda and baking powder
  • uses light brown sugar
  • the addition of nutmeg is used to enhance the butterscotch flavor
  • in addition to a chocolate chunk being added to the top of the cookies before baking, flaky sea salt or fleur de sel is sprinkled as well
  • used weight measurements instead of volume in hopes of achieving the best results
Overall: These cookies had a good contrast between crispy edges and a gooey center (since I underbaked them). These had maybe a tiny bit less nutty-caramel flavor than the America's Test Kitchen cookie but these also had a nice salty bite. And they were so beautiful since they were speckled with the chocolate chunks and so nicely dolloped with a large chocolate shard on top before baking. 🍪🍪🍪🍪

Current Rankings: Tied 1. America's Test Kitchen and BraveTart 3. NY Times-Thick and Gooey

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