Summer Traveling Adventures: Barcelona and Bordeaux, Part 2

August 7, 2019

A vacation for me always involves thoroughly researching the best restaurants and types of specialty dishes to try. But to my surprise, my two favorite meals came from places that weren't planned in Bordeaux. Next time, I'll embrace spontaneity more in my meals since you never know where a great meal might pop up. 

Little bites helped us try an array of Catalan dishes. We sampled anchovies, Iberico jamón, croquettes, chorizo served with bread or bread topped with a smear of tomato

Being on the Mediterranean coast allows Barcelona to have a wealth of seafood available. While not primarily authentic to the region but mainstays in Spanish cuisine, I tried grilled octopus (pulpo), seafood paella and fried anchovies. 

Baked Goodies: 
croissant photo via  instagram
While cupcakes aren't that prevalent in Spain or France, that didn't hold me back from trying other popular treats. Cripsy xurros (churros) with thick, not-too-sweet chocolate were a pleasant afternoon pick-me-up. Savory and sweet cannelés were devoured in Bordeaux (with its origins in nearby suburban Bordeaux) as well as French macarons. And possibly the best croissant of my life was consumed in Barcelona (totally forgot to get one in France)--flaky, deliciously buttery and soft; I was in heaven. 
Petritxol-XocoaAuguste K. French Cannelé | Maison Georges Larnicol | Hofmann Pastelería

Best Meals: 
Being somewhat unfamiliar with French food, I fully embraced our chicken lunch at a restaurant recommended by our wine workshop instructor and our steak dinner at a restaurant that has only served that one entree for the past 50 years. Butter Sauces, the secret to both these dishes. Beyond amazing! 

Boozy Drinks: 
Wine was mostly consumed on this vacation since it was so cheap (about 2 euros a glass). We also sampled the Spanish bubbly Cava and a favorite Catalan drink vermouth. 

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