3 Packages of Cream Cheese Later...

October 31, 2019

It took til the end of October to crack open my first can of pumpkin this season. And to celebrate this momentous occasion, I decided also to make my first cheesecake.
These Marbled Pumpkin-Maple Cheesecake Bars, I suppose, are the lazy-person's version of cheesecake. Bars do make it easier to feed a crowd and maybe allow more room for error in terms of air pockets. For my first attempt, these weren't too shabby---and they were deliciously spiced with the flavors of fall: pumpkin and maple.
The Recipe: Marbled Pumpkin-Maple Cheesecake Bars from Epicurious. Make sure to bake them at 300 degrees instead of 275 for 60 minutes, at the advice of many reviewers. Mine baked well with these changes.

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